The Cyclists’ Defence Fund

The Cyclists’ Defence Fund works to raise awareness of the law relating to cycling

This site provides information about the legal aspects of cycling in the UK and advice to cyclists.

Use the menu tab ‘Advice for cyclists’ to find useful information that can help you if you’ve been in a crash, or if you want to know about the law relating to red lights, advanced stop lines, riding on the pavement, one-way streets and cycle helmets.

The article library which can be accessed here or by clicking on 'Useful Resources' above contains in-depth articles about topics including how to challenge a fixed penalty notice, how to legally store your bike in your front garden, correct cycle lighting, the law for cyclists hit by car doors, and using public law in cycle campaigning.

Legal assistance for cyclists

Click here to find out what assistance CDF might be able to provide you for a legal case relating to cycling and to contact the charity.

Latest News

CDF seeks new trustees

The Cyclists’ Defence Fund is the only charity in the UK which defends cyclists’ rights by supporting legal cases and disseminating information about the law as it relates to cycling. Now is an exciting time to join the charity. CDF’s current involvement in the prosecution of a driver accused of killing a cyclist has improved its recognition among the cycling community, consequently applications for legal assistance have increased. The Trustees have ambitions to grow the fund and expand its reach.

Raising funds and awareness through film

A CDF supporter has raised £215.60 for the ‘Justice for Michael’ appeal by showing a screening of the documentary ‘Bikes vs Cars’.

Charlie Sinclair came up with the idea to use the film to raise funds for the charity after reading about the documentary and the tragic death of Michael Mason in CTC’s weekly e-newsletter Cycle Clips.

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