Volunteers wanted for road crime photography project

Model Dag Lindberg suffered serious injuries in a crash whilst he was cycling in London two years’ ago.

He is now using his experience as a road crash victim to create a photography exhibition to demonstrate to politicians and the public the extent and impact of road crime.

He is looking for volunteers to help out with this project. He would like anyone who has suffered an incident on a bike, as well as those who have lost someone close in this way, to get in touch with him if they would like to be involved.

He is also interested in working with people who experience these incidents on a regular basis, such as firefighters, doctors, and police officers.

Dag wants to use the exhibition as a platform to reach out to politicians and the public in an honest way for them to understand how broad the problem of road crime is. He also wants to visually represent how lives are being affected by these incidents.

If you would like to take part, contact Dag at dag.a.lindberg@gmail.com

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