The Cyclists’ Defence Fund

The Cyclists’ Defence Fund works to raise awareness of the law relating to cycling

CDF is a charity which offers help with cyclists' legal cases and provides information about the legal aspects of cycling in the UK.

Legal help

Use this site to find out what legal help is available for your case and whether you are elgible for help from CDF.

Legal information

Use this site to find out legal information that can help you if you’ve been in a crash, or if you want to know about the law relating to red lights, advanced stop lines, riding on the pavement, and cycling on one-way streets.

You can also find in-depth articles about cycling and the law including how to challenge a fixed penalty notice, how to legally store your bike in your front garden, correct cycle lighting, the law for cyclists hit by car doors, using public law in cycle campaigning and much more.

Latest News

Drink and drug drivers who kill could face manslaughter charges

The Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has suggested a reform of sentencing rules for motoring offences that could see drink or drug drivers who cause death charged with manslaughter. The MoJ is also looking into concerns about people who continue driving when they have been advised by doctors to stop on medical grounds.

Criminal Driving Bill read in Parliament

Liberal Democrat MP Greg Mulholland presented the Criminal Driving (Justice for Victims) Bill 2015-16 to Parliament on Tuesday 12 January. 

How will the proposed increase in the Small Claims limit affect cyclists?

In this guest blog post, Oliver Jeffcott, a personal injury solicitor with Slater and Gordon Lawyers outlines the implications of an increase in the small claims limit for cyclists injured in road crashes. 

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