'Upset the idiots' t-shirts receive Marmite response and raise £1513

The 'Upset the Idiots' t-shirts designed by a CDF supporter to raise funds for the charity were met with responses more often reserved for Marmite. 

Upset the idiots t-shirt

The t-shirts feature a stick-man riding a bicycle with his arms in the air and the phrase 'Upset the idiots, ride a bike'.

The reason for selling the t-shirts was to give cyclists a means to annoy the people that so frequently annoy them (i.e. bad and ignorant drivers) through poor driving and abusive comments and rants on social media, and to raise funds for CDF - £5 from every t-shirt sold was donated to the charity.  

Some people loved the t-shirts and snapped them up, often making an extra donation to CDF at the checkout, others were not so keen.

Some felt they promoted conflict between cyclists and drivers, or that they were in bad taste, or even that the image of a hands-free cyclist would encourage irresponsible cycling. 

There's no denying the message was controversial, and you cannot always please everyone, but the initiative certainly pleased CDF as it raised £1513 for the charity. 

Thank you to everyone who bought a t-shirt and to everyone who gave an extra donation at the checkout. And thank you also to the mastermind behind the t-shirts: Bez of the excellent blog 'Beyond the Kerb'.

And he's at it again. This time with a long sleeved white number with the phrase 'Still got it' on the front and an old school cycling proficiency badge embroidered on the side (I'm sure a lot of us have got one of those hidden somewhere in a drawer of memorabilia from our youth). As with the 'Upset the idiots' shirts, £5 from every sale will be donated to CDF.  

Still got it t-shirt

If you're interested in raising funds for CDF, just send an email to info@cyclistsdefencefund.org.uk and we'll help you develop and promote your idea.  

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