Over £2000 raised for cyclist's FPN challenge

CDF’s appeal to fundraise £2000 for Alex Paxton’s challenge of an unfairly issued FPN has now raised £2333!

200 individual donors have given to the cause so far. Alex said his resolve to take the issue to court probably would have faltered had there not been such overwhelming support from donors. This week Alex requested his hearing in the Magistrates court.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this challenge so far.

Here are some of the comments made by the donors:

“Good luck. Winning will certainly set a precedent.’ Janice Cartwright

“Traffic laws are meant to improve safety, but clearly they should be applied with a bit of common sense.” Trevor

“Best of luck, the outcome matters to us all.’ Goff

“The ASLs are poorly enforced, but I would prefer that the police started fining drivers abusing them before punishing the cyclists squeezed out of them.” Robin

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