Do you want to be an adviser to the Cyclists' Defence Fund?

CDF is looking for individuals with a desire for improving cycling in the UK to support the charity by lending their expertise when needed. Job Title: Observer/Adviser From time to time the trustees of the Cyclists’ Defence Fund invite individuals to attend board meetings of the charity as observers without becoming charity trustees. Advisers are not required to attend board meetings. Becoming an observer/adviser may be appropriate, for example: - where the charity trustees wish to draw upon the specific expertise of an individual (such as a lawyer or campaigner) on a short term basis; - where other involvements of a CDF supporter mean that there would be significant and potentially difficult to manage conflicts of interest if she/he became a charity trustee; - as a way of providing a potential new charity trustee with exposure to the work of the CDF while she/he and the CDF board assess whether involvement as a charity trustee would be appropriate. Observers and advisers are not charity trustees. They: - are expected to treat information shared with them in connection with their role as observers/advisers as confidential; - will be reimbursed for out of pocket expenses in accordance with the policy of the charity [any expenses exceeding £50 must be approved in advance by the chair.] - observers only are expected to attend board meetings at the invitation of the charity trustees (and will leave if asked to do so); Expertise required The charity is seeking individuals with expertise in the following areas: - Public law challenges - Road traffic law - Health and safety law - Submission of complaints against the CPS and/or Police - Public relations Person specification Each observer/adviser must have: • a commitment to the aims of the Cyclists’ Defence Fund • a willingness to devote the necessary time and effort • strategic vision • good, independent judgement • an ability to think creatively • a willingness to speak their mind • an ability to work effectively as a member of a team • Nolan's seven principles of public self; selflessness, integrity, objectivity, accountability, openness, honesty and leadership. Please contact CDF using the contact form if you are interested and would like to have an informal discussion of the requirements of the role.

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