Fundraising ideas

We’ve come up with a few suggestions of how you could raise money for CDF through sponsorship and enjoy yourself at the same time! If you have any other fantastic fundraising ideas please let us know.

JustGiving is the ideal way to collect sponsorship. You can set up your own page where you can put updates on your fundraising progress, photos of the events you’ve taken part in, write thank you messages to your donors and see your donors’ messages of support. It’s simple to set up and JustGiving provides tonnes of ideas of how to raise more dosh and have fun whilst doing it.

To set up your page visit

Here are some fundraising ideas we’ve come up with:

1. Go on a sponsored bike ride
You could go on a sponsored ride on your own or with a group of friends. As an added incentive get people to sponsor you per hour or per mile, the further you go the more money you raise and the better and sorer you’ll feel at the end of it all!

2. Host a cycling fancy dress night
Invite your friends over for a party but make sure they’re kitted out in their best Lycra for the whole night or they could come as a cycling legend. Ask for donations on entrance to the party.

3. Bet on the winner
Next time there’s a cycle race going on get your work colleagues to bet on who they think the winner will be, donate 50% of the bets to CDF and give 50% to the lucky winner.

4. Get a bicycle tattoo
If you’re a bike lover you’ll want the world to know even when you’re not on your bike, so why not get people to sponsor you to get a bicycle tattoo!

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