European parliament voted to introduce safer lorry design

Euro vote to make lorries safer

The European parliament has voted (15 April 2014) to change the regulations for the design of lorry cabs. The new design will make lorries safer and more fuel efficient. Under the proposed safety regulations, lorry manufacturers would be given more design space for the front end of the cab. The larger cab design would allow for bigger windscreens, thus reducing blind spots around the cab. The cab would have a rounded shape, creating a 'crumple zone' to prevent cyclists and pedestrians from being knocked under the wheels in the event of a collision. Lorries will have a slightly longer nose, which will increase fuel efficiency by improving aerodynamics.

Parliament wants these life-saving features to become mandatory for all new lorries by 2022, but the decision needs to be approved first by parliament and then by the 28 EU member states before it can become law.

CTC, the national cycling charity, is asking supporters to write to the Secretary of State for Transport, Patrick McLoughlin, urging him to support the proposal when it is voted on by member states.

No to Megatrucks

MEPs rejected the proposal to allow cross-border use of longer lorries, so-called 'megatrucks'. MEPs demanded that the Commission properly assess the impact of longer lorries and report back to Parliament in 2016.

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