CTC and CDF are now linked charities

CDF was set up by CTC, the national cycling charity, as an independent charity in 2001, before CTC itself acquired charitable status. Having done so now, CTC has been formally linked with CDF, a process that has simplified the charities’ administration and will allow CDF to be better integrated with CTC’s campaigning work.

The charities have retained strong ties to each other since CDF was established. The linking process has served to cement these ties, whilst maintenance of CDF’s separate board of trustees and separate accounts has retained CDF’s independence.

Chris Field, Chair of CDF, said ‘We have always worked closely with CTC and are delighted to have made that link more official. It gives CDF a stronger presence within the cycling community and will certainly further our ambition to act as the legal voice for cyclists throughout the UK.’
Gordon Seabright, Chief Executive of CTC added ‘CTC has been protecting cyclists for 135 years, and we are delighted to be working more closely than ever with our friends at CDF. Together we will do the best possible job of supporting cyclists in a legal system that is sometimes stacked against them.’
CDF recently supported one cyclist’s challenge of a fixed penalty notice (FPN) which he received when he failed to stop behind the second white line of a cycle box because the box was occupied by a car. 222 individuals donated over £2500 to fund the legal costs of the case. CDF wrote a letter to the Crown Prosecution Service, signed by a total of 6 organisations, urging the case to be dropped. This week the CPS announced that they would discontinue proceedings.

Individuals seeking financial assistance for a legal challenge should submit an application via the apply for our help page on the website.

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