Challenging unfair fines given to cyclists

CDF is raising funds to support a cyclist’s legal challenge of an unfairly issued Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

Alex Paxton was issued with an FPN for failing to stop behind the Advanced Stop Line (ASL) at a set of traffic lights. He did not stop behind the line (i.e. in the cycle box) because a car was illegally positioned in the box. For his own safety he positioned himself ahead of the car, past the white line. A police officer witnessed this incident and radioed a colleague, who stopped Alex further down the road and gave him the FPN. This officer had not seen the alleged offence, so could not assess the greater risk Alex would have been in had he positioned himself behind the white line, and therefore did not accept Alex’s justification of his actions.

It is unknown whether the driver of the car that was stopped in the cyclist’s box was also issued an FPN or not.

The Highway Code encourages cyclists to ‘use cycle routes, advanced stop lines, cycle boxes and toucan crossings unless at the time is it unsafe to do so’. Alex’s adoption of a safer position is therefore entirely justified.

There have been several cases recently of cyclists being given on the spot fines for stopping in front of ASLs, despite there not being room in the box because a car has taken the space.

Please donate to help Alex and CDF fight this legal challenge in a bid to create a precedent that will hopefully stop the police giving out future spurious fines.

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