CDF collaborates with CTC to launch Road Justice campaign

CTC – the national cycling charity – has launched the Road Justice campaign in collaboration with the Cyclists Defence Fund. The campaign seeks to take to task the police, the prosecution service and the judiciary over the way they treat bad driving and bad drivers.

The Road Justice campaign, which is supported by Slater & Gordon Lawyers, is calling for:

  • High quality and thorough police investigations of all road traffic collisions.
  • Better charging and prosecution decisions.
  • Sentences that reflect the severity of the offence and discourage bad driving, including greater use of substantial driving bans.

If necessary CDF will financially support challenges to cases where the legal system has failed to respond adequately, such as private prosecutions in cases where the prosecution service or police have failed to act or challenging decisions to pursue a ‘careless’ charge where a ‘dangerous’ charge appears justified.

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