B&NES Council includes cycling in regeneration plans

Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council has listened to cycling interest groups who were concerned that the regeneration plans for London Road did not take cyclists’ safety into sufficient consideration and that the proposed plans would actually make cycling on this road more hazardous than at present.

Following consultation with cycling interest groups, the Council considered the following four options:

1) A scheme of public realm improvements with the provision of an advisory cycle lane on both carriageways;

2) A scheme of public realm improvements with removal of parking at Walcott Terrace rather than limited loading and unloading;

3) A scheme of public realm improvements plus the provision of a 2-way segregated cycle route on the south bound carriageway;

4) A scheme of public realm improvements with the provision of a combined footway and cycle way on the south bound carriage way.

The Council chose option 2, which was described by the local cycle group as ‘the least worst’.

h3. Councillors’ comments

Councillor Paul Crossley said “This final proposal…both upholds the regeneration of this busy entrance to Bath and is consistent with the Cabinet’s aspirations to encourage more people to cycle.”

Councillor Ben Stevens said “The environment for cyclists is now safer than currently with improvements to safety at the Cleveland junction and the removal of bollards. Nothing in this scheme excludes further improvements to cycling facilities on the London Road in the future and the Transport Strategy will include a number of measures to reduce the unacceptable level of motor traffic on this road.”

h3. CDF advice

The local cycle campaign group, who put pressure on the Council to consult cyclists on the regeneration plans, received advice from the Cyclists’ Defence Fund and were assisted in their efforts with a letter sent by the charity outlining concerns over the regeneration plans to B&NES Council.

If you are seeking advice on anything related to cycling and the law, please get in touch with CDF to see if the charity can assist you.

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