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Injured cyclist suing Halfords for £1million after mountain bike broke in two

Joseph Love suffered horrific facial injuries after the mountain bike he had bought from Halfords, promoted as being ideal to ‘give the trails a kicking’ split in half at high speed causing him to crash into a barrier.

Joseph bought the bike for £250 and is suing Halfords for £1million. He claims the incident, which happened in February 2009 in Gravesend, Kent, has ruined his life.

At the High Court hearing, the court was told that the bike broke when the steering tube had a ‘sudden and catastrophic failure’.

B&NES Council includes cycling in regeneration plans

Bath and North East Somerset (B&NES) Council has listened to cycling interest groups who were concerned that the regeneration plans for London Road did not take cyclists’ safety into sufficient consideration and that the proposed plans would actually make cycling on this road more hazardous than at present.

Following consultation with cycling interest groups, the Council considered the following four options:

1) A scheme of public realm improvements with the provision of an advisory cycle lane on both carriageways;

Do you want to be an adviser to the Cyclists' Defence Fund?

CDF is looking for individuals with a desire for improving cycling in the UK to support the charity by lending their expertise when needed. Job Title: Observer/Adviser From time to time the trustees of the Cyclists’ Defence Fund invite individuals to attend board meetings of the charity as observers without becoming charity trustees. Advisers are not required to attend board meetings. Becoming an observer/adviser may be appropriate, for example:

Councillors from B&NES contact cyclists about London Road plans

The ‘Save our Cycle Path’ group who are campaigning to stop the Bath and North East Somerset Council from removing a cycle path along a main cycle commuter route have been contacted by B&NES Councillors who have said they are open to considering the views of the group and to revisiting the plans to see if cycle safety can be improved.

CDF sent a letter to several B&NES Councillors urging them to conduct a full and proper consultation that includes the cyclists who use London Road on a daily basis.

CDF support Cycle Bath campaign to prevent commuter road becoming hazardous to cyclists

CDF has sent letters to Bath and Northeast Somerset councillors urging them to conduct a full and proper consultation of the proposal to regenerate London Road, one of the main cycling commuter roads into Bath.

CDF was contacted by CycleBath, the local cycling campaign group in Bath, who have set up a petition on 38 degrees which has already obtained over 1,000 signatures.


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