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Do you really need cycling insurance?

Cycling insurance is important in case you have a crash

Raising funds and awareness through film

A CDF supporter has raised £215.60 for the ‘Justice for Michael’ appeal by showing a screening of the documentary ‘Bikes vs Cars’

CDF's guide for challenging a Fixed Penalty Notice

Fixed Penalty Notices, or FPNs, are one-off fines handed out for minor traffic offences to motorists and cyclists by police officers, Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) and sometimes council wardens. Since the launch of the Metropolitan Police Service’s "Operation Safeway": - begun in the wake of the deaths of six cyclists in a two week period on London’s roads in November 2013 - there has been a rise in FPNs given to cyclists in the capital.

Cyclist with a cause

Looking to contribute to the Cyclists’ Defence Fund’s Justice for Michael appeal and keen to promote the recently launched documentary ‘Bikes vs Cars’, an enterprising CDF supporter is putting on a one-off screening of the film and donating the proceeds to the appeal.

Charlie Sinclair from Shrewsbury read about both the documentary and the tragic case of Michael Mason in CTC’s e-newsletter Cycle Clips


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