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CDF is ready to receive donations by text

Thanks to JustGiving CDF now has a donate by text system so individuals can easily and quickly donate to the charity.

It’s so simple anyone can do it, you don’t even need a smart phone. Just text BIKE 38 followed by the donation amount (e.g. £5, £10, £15) to 70070.

Your text should look like this – BIKE 38 £10

Thank you for your donations!

CDF has a new coordinator

CDF’s new coordinator Rhia Weston has taken over the day-to-day activities of CDF from the outgoing coordinator Laura Brooks.

CDF Now has a Just Giving Page

You can now organise events and raise money using a JustGiving page, as we have now registered as a charity!

All you need to do is to go to JustGiving website search Cyclists Defence Fund and you can then set up your own personal sponsorship page which you can send out to all your friends, family and colleagues to sponsor you and help you to raise money on our behalf!

CDF Board Meeting 12/12/2011

CDF is having a Board Meeting on 12/12/2011 where we shall be discussing upcoming cases and potentially expanding the board. If anyone has any queries or topics they would like the board to discuss, please do let us know.

Risk Compensation

Since the 1970s, it has become gradually recognised that a reduction of risk leads to compensating changes in behaviour. Straightening roads leads to higher speeds to the extent that chicanes are now often built into residential streets. Seat belt use reduces injuries to car occupants who wear them. However, when first introduced, the legislation applied only to front seat passengers and there was an initial increase in fatalities among rear seat passengers. There was furthermore an increase in the numbers of pedestrians and cyclists injured by belted drivers.


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