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The Crown have dropped the case against Alex Paxton

This week the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued proceedings against a cyclist for failing to stop at a red light.

The cyclist, Alex Paxton, challenged the fixed penalty notice (FPN) with support from the charity the Cyclists’ Defence Fund (CDF), which provides guidance on the law relating to cycling and assists with fighting legal cases which could clarify the law.

CTC and CDF are now linked charities

CDF was set up by CTC, the national cycling charity, as an independent charity in 2001, before CTC itself acquired charitable status. Having done so now, CTC has been formally linked with CDF, a process that has simplified the charities’ administration and will allow CDF to be better integrated with CTC’s campaigning work.

The charities have retained strong ties to each other since CDF was established. The linking process has served to cement these ties, whilst maintenance of CDF’s separate board of trustees and separate accounts has retained CDF’s independence.

Cycling organisations support FPN legal challenge

CDF, CTC, RoadPeace, Sustrans, the London Cycling Campaign and British Cycling have co-signed a letter to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) asking them to reconsider a cyclist’s prosecution for contravening a traffic signal.

The organisations request that the CPS reevaluate whether it is in the public interest to prosecute Alex Paxton for failing to stop behind the second stop line at a cycle box when he couldn’t position himself safely in the box because it had been blocked by a car.

Cyclist pleads not guilty to ASL infringement

Alex Paxton, the 27 year-old cyclist who is challenging a fixed penalty notice (FPN) he received for failing to stop at a red light when a cycle box was blocked by a car, appeared at Lavender Hill Magistrates Court in Battersea on the afternoon of October 16.

Alex pleaded not guilty and a trial date was set for 5th December.

Alex received the FPN when he was unable to stop in a cycle box in Fulham in August.

FPN challenge in court 2pm October 16th

Alex Paxton will today appear in court to challenge the Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN) he received in August when he failed to stop behind the Advanced Stop Line (ASL) on Fulham High Street.

After receiving advice from CDF about how to challenge the FPN and confirmation following CDF’s fundraising appeal that CDF could help with the legal costs, Alex decided to request a court hearing to contest the fine. CDF will attend the hearing, which will be held at 2pm on Wednesday October 16th at Lavender Hill Magistrate’s Court in Battersea.

Over £2000 raised for cyclist's FPN challenge

CDF’s appeal to fundraise £2000 for Alex Paxton’s challenge of an unfairly issued FPN has now raised £2333!

200 individual donors have given to the cause so far. Alex said his resolve to take the issue to court probably would have faltered had there not been such overwhelming support from donors. This week Alex requested his hearing in the Magistrates court.

Thank you to everyone who has supported this challenge so far.

Why CDF is supporting one cyclist's challenge of a FPN

This article was written for CTC, the national cycling charity’s website by CDF’s coordinator and CTC’s road safety campaigner, Rhia Weston.

A few weeks ago, Alex Paxton was issued with a fixed penalty notice (FPN) for failing to stop at a red light, yet all he was doing was positioning himself in front of a car which had blocked the cycle box by positioning itself beyond the advanced stop line (ASL).

Challenging unfair fines given to cyclists

CDF is raising funds to support a cyclist’s legal challenge of an unfairly issued Fixed Penalty Notice (FPN).

CDF collaborates with CTC to launch Road Justice campaign

CTC – the national cycling charity – has launched the Road Justice campaign in collaboration with the Cyclists Defence Fund. The campaign seeks to take to task the police, the prosecution service and the judiciary over the way they treat bad driving and bad drivers.

The Road Justice campaign, which is supported by Slater & Gordon Lawyers, is calling for:

  • High quality and thorough police investigations of all road traffic collisions.
  • Better charging and prosecution decisions.

Mark Brummel memorial ride May 2013

On Sunday May 26th the Southampton Cycling Campaign embarked on the first annual ‘Brummel Bummel’ in memory of campaign member Mark Brummel who was killed whilst cycling in the New Forest in 2012.

45 people joined the ride, including CDF trustee Roger Geffen. Click here to see BBC South Today’s coverage of the ride.

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