News from 2009

CDF Strategic Meeting coming soon

The trustees of the Cyclists’ Defence Fund are meeting in December to discuss the plans for the Fund in 2010. They will discuss: the direction of CDF; what should be our top priority for cases?; should we advertise to get more cases or wait for the cases to come to us; how to let the wider world about the role of CDF; how we can effectively to disseminate information about cycling and the law to everyone from judges, barristers and solicitors to the general public.

Stop SMIDSY- sometimes sorry just isn’t enough (a new bike crash reporting site)

CTC – the UK’s national cyclists’ organisation is calling on all cyclists to add their voices to its new campaign to combat bad driving. Stop SMIDSY is a major campaign to end the culture of brushing off dangerous incidents with the excuse “Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You”. It aims to change lax attitudes towards bad driving and the failures of the legal system to respond to it when it occurs.

Recent board of trustees meeting and request for potential trustees

After a peaceful summer, the trustees of the Cyclists’ Defence Fund have just had a quarterly meeting to discuss potential: cases and publications, amongst other matters.

Is there a precedent setting case you have heard about in the media which you think we should be notified about? If so email us:

CDF Annual Strategic Meeting Coming Soon

After a quiet autumn, the trustees of the Cyclists’ Defence Fund are meeting in mid-February to discuss the plans for the Fund in 2009. They will discuss: what sorts of cases will CDF prioritise? How will we find these cases? What might CDF do in order to get to our message out to the wider world?

Do you have any suggestions or advice? If you do, email them over to and I will do my best to bring them to the table.

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