Novel fundraising from's stay awesome t-shirt

The cycling news and reviews site has come up with a novel way to raise funds for the Cyclists' Defence Fund. 

The popular website is selling 'Cyclists Stay Awesome' reflective t-shirts and donating £1 from every t-shirt sold to CDF.

Since started producing the 'Cyclists Stay Awesome' stickers in response to the 'Cyclists Stay Back' ones that started appearing on lorries – and vans, and taxis, and pretty much anything with an engine, blind spots or no – they've had a lot of requests for a t-shirt with the design. are taking pre-orders for their awesome reflective tee over the next couple of weeks, then they'll get them printed and sent out at the start of December.

Head to the site to take a look at the design and order your 'Cyclists Stay Awesome' t-shirt.  

We think this initiative is pretty awesome and are hugely grateful that has chosen to support CDF. 

If you don't want to buy a t-shirt but you'd like to make a donation directly to support CDF's work, please take a look at our donate page to find out ways that you can give. 


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