What we do/ What we don't do

What we do:

The Cyclists' Defence Fund works to raise awareness of the law relating to cyclists. Our aims, as formally approved by the Charity Commission, are:

  • To preserve and protect the health and safety of the public by encouraging and facilitating safe cycling.
  • To advance the education of the public in the relationship between cycling and the law.
  • To further the sound development, administration and knowledge of the law relating to cycling.
  • To promote, assist, undertake and commission research into the law, practice, and administration of justice in connection with cycling and to disseminate the useful results of such research.

We work to achieve these aims in practice by:

  • Providing guidance on the law relating to cycling and other legal issues with an impact on cyclists.
  • Maintaining a web-site providing links to legal resources relevant to cycling and cyclists.
  • Commissioning research into the effectiveness of the legal framework - such research may be useful to cycling campaigners, legislators and others seeking to improve the law.
  • Providing support in legal cases which could clarify the law.

What we don't do:

Although we do offer guidance on the law relating to cyclists we are not lawyers and do not offer free legal advice.

Examples of cases CDF may support:

• ‘I’ve been hit by a vehicle and the police response has been unhelpful.’

Although personal injury cases are rarely precedent setting for cycling law as they directly affect individuals rather than the wider cycling community, there may exist some cases which the CDF can assist with. For example, if an individual has been hit by a vehicle and the police investigation has been inadequate resulting in a lack of evidence to bring a charge against a driver.

• ‘Decisions to change the transport infrastructure in my town will hinder cycling’.

CDF may be able to provide assistance in challenging transport planning decisions that adversely affect cycling and cyclists.

• ‘I have been charged with a cycling offence for which there is evidence that I am innocent’.

If you have been wrongly charged with a serious offence such as careless or dangerous cycling and you can provide sufficient evidence that you are innocent, CDF may be able to provide financial assistance to fight your case.

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